December 1, 2009

WendroffCPA Wins Honor

Intuit Chooses Brian Wendroff as Inaugural CPA of the Month for QuickBooks Online Blog

Brian Wendroff, managing partner and founder of Wendroff & Associates, CPA, was recently chosen as the inaugural CPA of the Month for October by Intuit and the QuickBooks Online Team. The blog was started this year to update and engage the QuickBooks Online Community. More than 4 million businesses around the world use QuickBooks products to manage their accounting information.

“We appreciate being recognized, but more importantly, QuickBooks Online is a great product and we’re proud to be associated with it,” says Brian Wendroff, managing partner for Wendroff & Associates, CPA. “Not many people even know there’s an online accounting system available, but we love it. It makes both our clients and the firm more efficient and helps us provide even better consulting and tax strategies.”

Founded in 2004, Wendroff & Associates, LLC was one of the first accounting firms to begin offering QuickBooks Online to its clients. Today, Wendroff CPA has helps hundreds of small businesses manage their QuickBooks Online accounting system and hosts quarterly QuickBooks Online Webinars to help users manage the accounting solution more effectively.

“As I spoke about in the article with Intuit, accounting isn’t just about tax preparation. CPAs should be finding more efficient and effective solutions for their business clients,” says Wendroff. “QuickBooks Online has always been an effective choice, and we’re very happy with the direction and innovation QuickBooks Online has offered.”

For more information on QuickBooks Online or setting up an online accounting system, please contact an associate at Wendroff & Associates at 703-553-1099. Also, please look out for our QuickBooks Ask a CPA Webinar this November, which will include advice on Fourth Quarter Tax Planning and an open Q&A session.

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