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January 19, 2024

Wendroff & Associates Supports The George Washington University’s Third Century Scholarship Endowment Match

Wendroff & Associates is proud to announce its support for The George Washington University’s Third Century Scholarship Endowment Match program (The Match). This commitment aligns with Wendroff’s belief in the transformative power of education.

The Wendroff CPA Endowed Scholarship is offering its backing as part of The Match, a monumental program that aims to increase access to higher education for students at The George Washington University. The program is invested in building a permanent legacy that opens doors for successive generations of GW students, offering much-needed financial stability for now and the future.

Endowed scholarship gifts, like those provided through The Match, create an enduring resource for non-profit organizations. When invested over time, these generous contributions generate ongoing income, amplifying the impact and reach of the fund. It’s an ideal example of the positive compound effect of giving back.

Each year, a portion of the income generated by the endowment investments is used to support students immediately, while the rest remains invested, continuing to strengthen the fund’s ability to provide for even more future generations.

The Match launched in November with a $12 million initial commitment from the University itself. This investment is set to double with the backing of generous donors like Wendroff & Associates, amounting to a $24 million investment in need-based, endowed scholarships for undergraduate students.

Managing Partner Brian Wendroff shared his insights on the firm’s educational investment:

“The value of investing in education is immeasurable. It fosters the growth of future innovators, leaders, and pioneers who will spearhead progress in every facet of our global society. The Match will be instrumental in breaking down barriers to education and creating an environment where students are free to dream big, regardless of financial circumstances. We take immense pride in being able to contribute to this endeavor and look forward to the positive changes that our future leaders will bring about.”

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