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January 21, 2021

Virginia Values Veterans V3 Program Provides Training for Businesses Interested in Hiring Veterans

Many Wendroff & Associates clients are Veteran-owned businesses or hire Veterans. The Commonwealth of Virginia has one of the youngest and fastest-growing Veteran labor forces in the U.S. Virginia also has the highest per capita of Women Veterans of any state. 

History of the Veterans V3 Program

In 2012, Virginia became the first state to offer an official initiative—the V3 Program—dedicated to increasing employment opportunities by training employers on national best practices for recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining Veterans. Administered by The Virginia Department of Veterans Services (VDVS), the V3 Program also helps committed companies meet their hiring goals. 

In 2015, the General Assembly unanimously appropriated $100,000 for the purposes of establishing an employment grant for V3-certified employers. V3-certified companies with fewer than 300 employees may qualify for up to $10,000 in grants, with $1,000 being awarded per eligible Veteran that is hired and retained for at least one year.

By 2017, Virginia reached Governor Ralph Northam’s goal of 25,000 Veterans hired. By October 2020, Northam announced that 67,000+ Virginia Veterans have been hired through the V3 Program and more than 1,300 organizations have been certified.

How to Become a V3-Certified Company

A Virginia company that completes all V3 Program training requirements and submits a Veteran hiring plan is recognized as an official “V3-Certified Company.” 

Learn how to enroll in the V3 Program and apply for the V3 Employment Grant.

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