September 18, 2017

Virginia Announces New Tax Amnesty Program

Now through Nov. 14, 2017, Virginia is offering a tax amnesty program to people who have tax debts or unfiled returns. The program allows these taxpayers to remit the tax due with $0 in penalties and only pay half the interest owed.

In a statement, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said, “This program provides delinquent taxpayers with a great opportunity to pay off their outstanding tax bills easily at a reduced cost, while at the same time increasing the collection of certain revenues that are owed to the Commonwealth and fund critical services. I urge Virginians who have delinquent tax bills to take advantage of this opportunity to clear their debt and contribute to the essential services that make Virginia a great place to live.”

The Commonwealth of Virginia is mailing notices to affected individuals and businesses, but even those who do not receive a letter may be eligible. If you have any outstanding tax liabilities from previous years, please contact us as soon as possible to see if you or your business are eligible for amnesty.

See our previous blog post with more details about the 2017 Virginia Tax Amnesty Program here.

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