Our History

Brian Wendroff found Wendroff CPA in 2006. He knew how important an accountant’s role is in assisting business owners to grow their businesses and prosper. He saw a need for quality tax and accounting services and, like all business entrepreneurs, took a risk in starting a CPA firm. Brian didn’t want to be just any CPA firm, he wanted to become a Most Trusted Advisor to the businesses and individuals he serves.

In his business plan, Brian focused on three core values on which he would build his business. He wanted his firm to serve client needs based upon; Quality Communication – We will seek to understand your tax and accounting needs and communicate solutions to you in a way, which you understand, and feel confident about; Responsiveness – We will respond to your emails and phone calls within 1 to 2 business days; and  Earning Trust Quickly – We will offer you services based upon individual need, not a one size fits all format. We will build trust based on your expectations being met, one goal and service at a time.

Over the years, Wendroff & Associates has grown into a respected Arlington CPA firm, which continues to focus on its core values and being a trusted advisor to its customers.

Firm Accomplishments:

  • Grown customer base every year
  • Grown from a one-person operation to a team of 12 accountants and 3 administrative staff
  • Developed a thriving internship program, and built a strong recruiting and development reputation with one of the best accounting schools in the nation, George Washington University
  • Expanded its service lines to tax preparation, tax planning, accounting and CFO Consulting
  • Helped multiple staff earn a CPA license
  • Helped thousands business and individuals with tax or accounting services
  • Has written articles for the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger, and the Virginia Society of CPA’s publications
  • Has earned numerous awards such as best place to work and top accountant from local publications and organizations
  • Has had the staff volunteer each year with a local nonprofit to assist in the local community.

Wendroff & Associates 10th Anniversary Celebration

Brian thanking staff at 10 year anniversary party

10-Year anniversary party staff

10 year anniversary

Company Retreats

segway tour 2017 retreat

10-Year anniversary party staff

segway tour 2017 retreat

Where Wendroff CPA is Going

Our team at Wendroff CPA looks forward to a bright future. We will continue to focus on hiring talented and passionate accountants to support our growing customer base. We plan to add additional space and develop our teleworking environment to provide flexibility to our staff while providing a nice place to work when in the office. We have increased our budget on professional development, especially with becoming experts in the new tax laws. We hope you like our goals, and desire to be the best accountants we can be so you can focus on what you do best.

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