May 12, 2011

May 2011 CEO Peer Group

Wendroff & Associates, LLC will host its next monthly Executive Roundtable Group for small business owners in Arlington, Northern Virginia and Washington DC on May 25th from 7:45 to 9 a.m. This month’s topic will be Effective Interview and Hiring Techniques: Asking the Right Questions to Screen Potential Star Employees. Steven Miranda, Chief HR & Content Officer for the National Society of Human Resources Management.

“The time I’ve always found most valuable is when I consult on a board of directors or meet with entrepreneurs to discuss ideas for growing their organization. In a group format the quality of the ideas and the insight can be absolutely amazing” says Brian Wendroff, managing partner for Wendroff CPA. “We want to provide a forum where business owners can not only meet each other to share these insights, but also get to know each other outside of the normal business setting.”

The Executive Roundtable Group is limited to 15 C-Level Executives and Business Owners, and each business must employ at least five people and gross between $1 million and $10 million annually to ensure similar sized businesses. The businesses will be non-competing entities, so only one organization per service sector will be allowed to attend. The catered meetings will take place at the Wendroff & Associates’ Conference Room every fourth Wednesday of the month and will have a structured format as the agenda is set by members who submit various discussion topics prior to the meeting. The format will be an open roundtable discussion, and the group discusses important issues pertaining to business owners, such as marketing, management and growing a company.

To find out more information about the Executive Roundtable Group and how to join, please contact us at 703-436-1461 or email our Director of Communications atdarren@wendroffcpa.com.

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