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Tax planning and preparation starts with compliance, but it shouldn't end there.

At Wendroff & Associates, CPA we look at your company’s goals, and help businesses and residents of Fairfax, VA create long and short-term strategies to capitalize on the ever-evolving tax code in order to grow your business efficiently and successfully. By utilizing the most effective technology available and our network of tax law insiders, we stay on top of the latest changes regarding tax law to give you the best strategic advice going forward. It’s just one more thing that makes our tax services unique.

Tax Planning in Fairfax, VA

Proactive tax planning during the taxable year allows businesses and residents of Fairfax, VA to maximize their opportunities for tax liability reductions. Our tax planning process includes extensive analysis of your data and a comprehensive strategy to meet your long and short-term goals with maximized tax savings within the current tax laws. Our team conducts an annual virtual meeting with you and your business stakeholders to insure you have no surprises at tax time, you are on track with your tax obligations, and any changes in your unique situation are factored into your tax planning.

Our tax planning services include:

  • Individual, Partnership and Corporate Tax Planning
  • S Corporation Planning
  • Qualified Business Income (QBI) Tax Advice
  • LLC and other Entity Structure Planning
  • Multi-State Tax Planning and Consulting
  • State and Local Income and Sales/Use Taxes
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Liquidations
  • Retirement Planning
  • Sale of Business
  • Rental Property Planning
  • IRS and State Tax Credits
  • Estate and Gift Planning
  • Assistance with Stock Options, Restricted Stock Units (RSU), and Other Stock Compensation

Our tax preparation services include:

  • Individual, LLC, Corporate and Partnership Tax Preparation
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • State and Local Income and Sales/Use Taxes
  • Consolidated Tax Returns
  • Foreign Companies Doing Business In the US
  • Trust and Estate Tax Preparation

Our IRS and state tax representation:

  • Audits
  • IRS and State Letters
  • Abatement of Penalties
  • Amended Returns
Proper tax planning and preparation gives you the power and knowledge to grow your wealth with confidence. Contact us today to get started with our tax services.
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