April 28, 2009

Executive Biz


Jim Garrettson owns Executive Biz, which sets up high profile networking opportunities for business owners and C Level executives. The business has good cash flow, and Mr. Garrettson spends a substantial amount monthly on business expenses with a debit card as to not incur debt.


Realizing that Mr. Garrettson might better capitalize on his business expenses, Wendroff & Associates set him up with an American Express credit card account, which not only bolstered the company’s credit rating, but also earned them points and other incentives that he could put back into the company. Mr. Garrettson then pays off the balance in full each month as to not incur finance charges.

Client Insight:

“Wendroff & Associates brought out an embedded value in my business I wasn’t aware of. Through their advice, I was able to drive 47 percent of my spending budget across a bonus based points system.”

Jim Garrettson, CEO of Executive Biz

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