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At Wendroff & Associates, CPA, our top priority is providing outstanding customer service. Our team prides themselves on responding promptly to clients’ needs and providing exceptional budgeting and forecasting services. We think of our clients throughout the year, not just at tax time.
Because your success is our bottom line.
budget and forecasting

Why Wendroff & Associates?
Our Specialized Experience

With emerging technology, changing trends, and unexpected events, proper planning is more critical than ever. We specialize in business analytics and have developed hundreds of budgets and forecasts for government contractors, law firms, engineers, architects, nonprofits, and other professional service organizations. Our process has helped our clients not only maintain their business success, but also thrive and scale.

Gain Perspective & Analytical Insight

Accurately planning for an uncertain future is always a challenge. Building a budget and forecast directly into the accounting system has been invaluable in helping our clients gain perspective and analytical insights to make strategic business decisions for their organizations with confidence.

budget and forecasting
budget and forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting Process

  1. First, we review your prior year financials and accounting system to get a baseline of your company’s health and threats or opportunities. If you are a start-up, we can develop the budget and forecast from scratch by analyzing similar companies in your industry to use as a benchmark.
  2. Next, we review and discuss any current year changes that may affect your revenue and expenses such as new revenue streams, hiring new employees, or moving locations, etc.
  3. Finally, we then develop the monthly budget preparation and revenue forecast and load it directly into your accounting software, so you always have the budget/forecast tied into your real-time financials. 

Your Most Trusted Advisor

Whether your business is Incorporated, an S-Corp, Partnership, LLC or a sole-proprietor, our goal is to become your most trusted advisor. Whether it’s bookkeeping services, tax planning and preparation or strategic business consult, our goal is to become your most trusted advisor.

tax advice for businesses

Why Wendroff CPA Clients are So Satisfied:

Quality Communication, Responsiveness & Quickly-Earned Trust

budget and forecasting

Our Promise to Our Clients:

  1. We will seek to understand your tax and accounting needs and communicate solutions to you in a way which you understand and feel confident about;

  2. We will respond to your emails and phone calls within 1 to 2 business days; and

  3. We will offer you services based upon individual needs, not a one-size-fits-all format. We will build trust based on your expectations being met, one goal and service at a time.

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