Accounting Automation

Accounting automation and workflow management allow you to scale your business while saving time, avoiding costly errors, and providing real-time insights to make better business decisions. Now it is time to automate!

Accounting Automation and Workflow Management

Running a business today is more demanding than ever. Accounting is the lifeline of your business​​—you rely on your accounting system to make financial decisions, recognize business trends, plan for the future, get paid by customers, and pay employees and vendors—all mission-critical to the success of your business or nonprofit. As demands become greater, automation is the missing piece to scaling without spending more of your time and resources on accounting. 

You have a business or nonprofit to run; why not automate what you can? 

Examples of Accounting Automation

Every type of business technology you use does something different—Gmail, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Calendly, QuickBooks, Stripe, PayPal, etc. In an ideal world, we’d be able to use one technology to do it all. Unfortunately, this will never happen because they were each built to do something specific, which is what makes them special. 

But what if we could get these technologies to work together? Great news, we can connect applications using no-code software such as Zapier or Make to create workflows based on triggers and actions.

For example, each time you get a payment for an invoice from a customer (trigger) for a certain product or service you’re providing, you want to inform staff through slack or teams (action). At the same time, you want to send an email (action) to the customer about setting up a meeting to go over the next steps of using your product/service. This automation can be done by creating workflow management with Zapier or Make leveraging different technologies such as Slack, MS Teams, Quickbooks, Outlook, Gmail, and Calendly. 

Over 4,000 applications can be connected via Zapier or Make for workflow automation. If the software you use is not in the directory of applications, we have a no-code specialist who can help create the connection between your software and other software you want to use.  

Benefits of Accounting Automation and Workflow Management

  • Saves time from implementing disparate manual processes 
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks
  • Improves productivity
  • Prevents errors by automating steps you would do manually
  • Works real-time, around the clock
  • Compatible with multiple types of software you already use to run your business
  • Allows you to scale business processes without needing additional staff
  • Provides more time for running other aspects of your business

How Can Wendroff & Associates help?

Businesses need to grow. Whether you’re running a startup or an established business or a nonprofit, having good accounting processes in place is essential. With accounting automation services, we can take your accounting processes to the next level. 

Working together, Wendroff & Associates’ will provide accounting automation consulting services to:

  • Analyze your existing technologies 
  • Identify processes that may be automated
  • Evaluate time and cost savings
  • Determine the best automation tool/s to meet your needs
  • Create and help set up automated workflows 
  • Make your automation ideas become reality–or help you to identify automation opportunities you didn’t know exist!
Let Wendroff & Associates help you automate your accounting processes to move your organization forward.


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