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June 21, 2017

5 Reasons to Ditch Your Accounting Spreadsheets (and Use QuickBooks)

For a lot of business owners, starting their venture was done on a shoe-string budget. Until they knew that business was going to make it through that tough first year, investing in things like accounting systems was an unnecessary expense.

As business increases, however, a good bookkeeping program — one more efficient and effective than your Excel spreadsheets — is a smart investment that will ultimately save you time and money, and help your business grow efficiently.

Here at Wendroff & Associates, we are specialists in QuickBooks, and we wholeheartedly recommend it as an easy-to-use and helpful program that will make your business life infinitely simpler.

Here are five reasons why we tell business owners they should ditch the spreadsheets, and why we are confident QuickBooks can be everything you need it to be for smarter accounting.

1. QuickBooks is designed to make your life easier. QuickBooks is designed for business owners, and you don’t need to be a math major or an MBA to use it. It’s stable, it’s reliable, and it’s up-to-date with the latest industry standards and accounting methods. And – equally important – it is easy to set up and get started. Plus, when tax time rolls around, you will be able to export the exact reports you and your accountant need to be efficient and save money. Your spreadsheets can’t do that for you.

2. It will work with other business software you regularly use. QuickBooks is compatible with many different market applications, and it allows most industry-specific software programs to import data directly. And, more applications are being integrated into QuickBooks all the time.

3. You can customize it any way you need or want. No matter what type of business you’re running, you can be confident that QuickBooks can be set up to meet your needs. You can customize the program to work the way you want it to, and you can easily export reports. Unlike other accounting firms, Wendroff & Associates will walk you through setting up and using QuickBooks one-on-one (no big “seminars” here!) and will provide you with ongoing support if you have questions or need additional tools as your business grows and changes.

4. As you grow, QuickBooks can grow with you. When the best thing happens – your business grows and expands – QuickBooks can expand with you. You can easily migrate to the next generation of QuickBooks, called QuickBooks Plus. This advanced version can handle more detailed reporting, can allow you to break down a business as it expands to multiple locations or segments, and has a budgeting and forecasting tool, which can help you stay on track for your business financial goals. As this happens, we’ll be able to support you through that transition and beyond.

5. Security is built in. You can feel confident the information you want protected stays protected. You can choose which elements you want to be password-protected. And, QuickBooks can work with you on the go with its cloud-based and mobile versions, allowing you to access the information you need wherever you are. Plus, there’s no way to accidentally delete entire categories (or rows in your spreadsheets) of information that you’ll need later on.

When it comes to your business, your bookkeeping should not be an afterthought. Using QuickBooks to manage your finances will help keep you on top of everything, all the time, everywhere, and keep it organized for you. It can answer your money questions with the click of a button, and it can change and grow right alongside you.

You can’t do everything yourself – let us and QuickBooks help you manage the money so you can spend time taking care of your clients and customers. If you need help getting started, just ask us – we’re certified in QuickBook, and we’re here to help.



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