Previous Years Tax Organizers & Spreadsheets
January 8, 2021

2020 Partnership Tax Organizer Spreadsheets

Compile information for your Partnership tax return with ease using one of our 2020 Partnership Tax Organizers. Completing a Tax Organizer will help you avoid overlooking important information and contribute to an efficient preparation of your tax returns. On this page you will find:

Instructions for Downloading your Partnership Tax Organizer

Please download the spreadsheet that applies to your business for 2020. (Only one is required.)

I Used an Accounting Software

If you used QuickBooks, or another accounting software, please download and complete one of the following tax organizers. If you have offices or employees working in more than one state, use the Multi-State Tax Organizer. If your office(s) is/are located in one state, and most of your employees work in this state, use the Single-State Tax Organizer.


I Did NOT Use an Accounting Software

If you did NOT use QuickBooks, or another accounting software, please download and complete the following tax organizer:



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Submitting Your Tax Organizer and Documents via Secure Drawer Portal

The safest way to submit tax documents to Wendroff CPA is through our secure client portal. As of January 1, 2021, we have migrated to a new and improved client portal called RUBEX eFileCabinet. Please call us at 703-553-1099 or email us to set up a new portal account — your previous account login will not work on the new system. Once you have logged into the portal, please upload your Business tax documents to the “SECURE DRAWER – BUSINESS” folder.

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We look forward to serving you again this tax season! Please let us know if you have any questions. 703-553-1099

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