January 6, 2012

1099 Spreadsheet Organizer for Tax Year 2012

This 1099 Spreadsheet Organizer was created to assist you in sending your information to WendroffCPA to create your 1099 information for 2012. Please only include your company information and information for those you have paid (only list people that have been paid more than $600 for the year). This would include payments for services or rents to individuals and businesses. Do not include payments for merchandise or payments to most corporations other than attorneys (contact the firm if you have questions regarding this).

Click to download 1099 Organizer Spreadsheet

If you have any questions about the 1099 Organizer Spreadsheet or WendroffCPA Services, please contact Darren Wendroff directly at 703-436-1461 or email darren@wendroffcpa.com.


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