Business and CFO Consulting

Arlington, VA – Washington DC – Alexandria, VA


Today’s business environment evolves rapidly. A business can survive for years, but is it thriving or even growing?

Helping entrepreneurs understand their financial information and advising them on using those numbers to grow their business is the most important service we offer. Along with distinct CFO services such as Cash Flow Analysis, Forecasting, Budgeting and Strategic Cost Cutting, Wendroff & Associates, CPA offers a CFO Consulting service developed around a network of vetted business experts such as Bankers, Financial Advisors, Attorneys and Insurance Specialists to help clear your path to success.

Specialized Services

  • Business Entity Selection
  • Budget Creation and Consulting
  • Finance/Credit Line Preparation
  • Quarterly and Annual Compliance Reporting
  • Forecast Modeling and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Internal Control Analysis
  • Accounting Staff Training
  • Design and Implementation of Client Managed Accounting Systems
  • Business Valuations
  • Insurance Review and Recommendations
  • Start-up Assistance
  • Internal Controls and Benchmarking
  • Succession and Exit Strategy Planning
  • Expense Evaluations
  • Buying and Selling a Business

What is Your Business Worth?

Have you ever thought what your business may be worth to a potential buyer, or how to improve its value to prepare for sale? Come take the Sellability Score!

Sometime in the future, you will leave your business, and hopefully it will be through selling at a profit. You need to consider your business as an asset just like money, a home, or a car. When selling a business though, it is hard to gauge exactly what you are selling. You may ask yourself is my company valuable? Is my business sellable?

The Sellability Score can assist you in answering these questions. This online tool has been developed by Best-Seller author John Warrilow whose work includes Built to Sell: How to Create A Business That Can Thrive Without You. In just 13 minutes, this absolutely free and confidential self-assessment tool will score your business in a number of key areas and tell you how sellable your business is.

Watch the video, and then complete our questionnaire to find out how your company is performing.


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