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Too often, business owners spend their time working in their business and not on their business. Time spent languishing over your bookkeeping is time you could have spent with your clients or finding business opportunities, and it’s also time you can’t bill for. Wendroff & Associates, CPA partners exclusively with Intuit, and is a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, so we can help you set up an online bookkeeping system that streamlines your processes and saves time and money.

Whether you are a growing business who needs to free up time spent on accounting, a nonprofit who has limited resources and needs to focus on developing its programs, or a start-up who needs to start tracking the finances so it can prepare for future investors or other outside capital, the team at Wendroff & Associates, CPA can provide the bookkeeping services that you need to move forward.

Benefits of a Bookkeeping Service

  • Allow a specialist who works in accounting, has special technology and resources in the industry to perform the accounting
  • Have an outside party work on the accounting processes which improves internal controls
  • Saves time on training someone and turnover costs of a bad hire or employees leaving unexpectedly
  • Saves costs on having to hire someone internally
  • Eliminates need for additional office space, furniture and equipment

How We Can Assist

  • Preparing invoices and customer statements
  • Record accounts payable and prepare checks for signature or electronic payment
  • Process payroll and input payroll from our payroll system or an outsourced payroll company like Paychex or ADP
  • Reconcile bank and other balance sheet accounts so they are accurate and meaningful to the user
  • Prepare financial statements for management use or outside parties
  • Provide cash flow management, strategic cost cutting, budget and revenue forecasting and other CFO services
  • Provide monthly, quarterly or bi-annual accounting review if you manage the books on a daily basis
  • We offer fixed fees so you can budget effectively throughout the year
  • If you are nonprofit, we can assist with tracking restricted assets, managing grant, member and donor revenue and developing internal controls

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