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  • 1. How to Calculate Deductions for Charitable Donations: One of the best incentives the American government offers us to donate to charitable organizations—other than the good feeling you get from making a difference, of course—is the chance to take a deduction on our annual taxes for charitable donations. However, knowing what qualifies and how to go about filing that deduction correctly can be confusing to the average taxpayer. We at Wendroff & Associates are experts in the matter, and are happy to help you take advantage of those deductions legally and correctly, so that you don’t

  • 2. Calls from the IRS: Is It a Scam?: The phone rings. It’s the IRS calling — or is it? The IRS put out a statement recently warning consumers of this: “Taxpayers who get an unexpected or unsolicited phone call from the IRS should be wary – it’s