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  • 1. 5 Ways An Accountant Can Help Your Small Business: It takes money to make money – it’s what everyone has drilled into your head since the day you first dreamed up the idea for your small business, isn’t it? But, how do you know when it’s time to spend money to help you manage your money? Though you may see accounting as an expense you can do without, hiring an accountant can help you guide your business toward the kind of growth you want. An accountant can do so much more for your business than just handle your payroll or file your taxes. Here are five ways hiring an accountant

  • 2. Tax Documents: What to Keep and What to Shred:  As you check “file tax return” off your spring to-do list, you may be staring at another item you’ve been meaning to get to for some time – spring cleaning. Filing your annual tax return often requires gathering a lot of documents like receipts, W2s and 1099s, expense reports and more. Your desk and filing cabinet may