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  • 1. Love and Money: How Marriage Affects Your Taxes: Almost 2.5 million people will get married this year, and all of them will be facing some changes to their taxes after the honeymoon is over. From name and address changes to deciding whether to file taxes jointly, here’s your post-wedding checklist. Name Change. If you are changing your name, you must make sure your name is consistent between your tax records and the Social Security Administration. You will need to get a new social security card with your new name on it, which you can do by filing Form SS-5 (Applicat

  • 2. Tax Extension Filing Deadlines are Approaching: More than 5 million businesses and 10 million individuals file for an extension on their taxes in April, according to the IRS. If you’re one of them, the deadline to file is coming this fall. The purpose of an extension is to allow the taxpayer additional time to gather their information so that they can file a complete and accurate tax return without incurring a late filing penalty. If you have filed an extension with the IRS for your personal or business taxes, you have only extended the filing due date of your tax return. For example