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  • 1. 7 Tax Moves for Newly Married Couples: If you’re a newlywed, you and your spouse probably know by now what you like to do as a couple and what you like to do separately. Brunches and birthday parties? See you there. Poker nights and pedicures? See you later. But when it comes to combining your personal finances, the lines between yours, mine and ours may not be so clear. Look at ALL Your Possible Tax Breaks If you file jointly, your spouse’s tax breaks are yours as well. Make sure that you review ALL of your tax breaks from the past year. If you just got mar

  • 2. Non-Profit QuickBooks Online Seminar: “Cloud Accounting Using QuickBooks Online With Non-Profits” By Brian Wendroff, Managing Partner of Wendroff & Associates Please RSVP by clicking link: QuickBooks Seminar With the presence of smart phones, tablets and cloud computing, QuickBooks Online looks to be the ‘foreseeable future’ accounting solution for a Non-Profit. Many Non-Profits have QuickBooks desktop